In 1995, NASCAR created the Craftsman Truck Series which would later become today’s Camping World Truck Series. Using the same 700HP carbureted engines as the Nationwide Stock Cars, this series was created to attract the ever-growing pick-up truck enthusiasts to the NASCAR audience. The company that helps move these 3,000+ lb. powerhouses to the checkered flag with the best circle track parts found anywhere is none other than Strange Oval. With our rock-star wrap axles using the KERA technology, bullet-proof drive flanges, pinion retainers and Ford 9” casted “N” cases, if you want in the winner’s circle, we can get you there. Incidentally, during the infancy of the Craftsman Truck Series, there was a 10-minute break in the middle of the race in lieu of regular pit stops in order to reduce the costs for teams and avoid better funded teams from bringing in “hot shoe pit crews” from the Sprint Cup Series for faster pit-stops. STRANGE, but true.

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