Made up primarily of older Nationwide Series chassis’, the K&N West Series runs all their events on the west coast, while the K&N East Series runs all their events on the east coast. Many young drivers race this series to gain exposure and experience before making the jump up to their first stage of driver development into the NASCAR National Series like Camping World Trucks or Nationwide Series. Strange Oval is there making sure these developing drivers catch some attention by providing the best oval track racing parts on the market. The K&N East axles and the K&N West axles using the KERA technology is none other than legendary. The bullet-proof K&N East drive plates and the K&N West drive plates along with our pinion retainers and cast iron rear 9” cases are sure ways to get you to the checkered flag and into the winner’s circle. Don’t just race… RACE STRANGE!

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  • agxaxles1

    Stock Car K&N East West Strange Axles (NASCAR)

    Strange Oval KERA Axles have been, and continue to be utilized by many of the top teams in the NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide & Truck series since 2008.

      • Ultra high strength low alloy steel offers outstanding yield and tensile
        strengths, fatigue properties, and high toughness
      • Vertical rack heat treating controls distortion
      • CNC hobbed splines tightly controls tolerances for even torque transfer
        and consistent misalignment angle of drive flanges
      • Generous transition fillet radii essential to reduction of stress risers
      • Additional attention directed to non-aggressive machining to impart
        a minimum amount of residual tensile stress
      • Shot peening provides increased torsional and bending fatigue life with the application of residual compressive stress
    • Isotropic superfinishing reduces spline wear, lowers operating temperature, and minimizes micro stress risers


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    Nascar Drive Plate ADC100

    Used in conjunction with Strange Oval axles, our spline tolerances, between the axle splines and drive plate splines, is usually tighter and more uniform. These “closely mated” tolerances will provide better spline life of both the axles and drive plates. Strange Oval offers several steel drive plates that will accommodate a camber range of zero to 4 degrees. Depending on where your current rules regarding allowable camber lies (if any)

      • Nickel Chromium Molybdenum steel is used for excellent hardenability, strength and toughness – This provides less spline wear and general drive plate longevity
      • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) analyzed lightweight scalloped and pocketed design
      • Marquenching heat-treat processing reduces internal stresses and stress cracks
      • Electro-polished surface enhances surface finish which is especially beneficial on the spline flanks for reducing friction, wear and operating temperature
    • Broached splines promote consistent fit and misalignment angleDrive Plate #ADC100 can be run with standard crowned spline axles that can accommodate 0 to 2 degrees of camber (with this drive plate, crowned axles are what sets any camber angle)
  • stg_0189

    9″ Rear End Case

    Original, M-4141-H, 3.250” Cast Iron Case


    Available directly from Strange Oval.

    Strange has been the only manufacturer approved and sold by Ford Racing to make their cast-iron 9” rear cases (for 3.25” carrier bearings) since its inception. Strange is the sole supplier to Ford Racing for their cast rear case (exclusive to Ford Racing) sold into the Sprint Cup Series. Strange Oval now offers the same N Case (cast iron version only) as sold through Ford Racing.

    Approved by NASCAR, the traditional nodular iron case offers a more economical alternative to the steel case (M-4141-HS – exclusively available thru Ford Racing).

    N1908 (Strange Oval Part Number) – 3.250” (M4141H) 9” cast iron case with original chrome-moly caps and cast adjuster nuts. *$390.00 each.

    N1957M – Optional billet steel adjuster nut (fits N1908/M4141H case). *$20.70 pair

  • STG_2268-P

    NASCAR Pinion Yokes

    • AISI/SAE 4340 nickel-chromium-molybdenum aircraft quality
    steel is through hardened for optimized strength & toughness
    • Extensive mill profiling & pocketing for lightweight rigid design
    Integral doweled billet u-joint caps for precise located fit
    • U-joint bores machined with caps in place promotes even
    clamp load on u-joint
    • Broached spline post heat treat provides precise, accurate
    and consistent fit
    • ARP 12 point cap bolts
    • Cap bolt safety wire provisions

  • stg_0215p

    Pinion Retainer DPC100

    With a weight savings of up to 1 ¾ lbs. as compared to the standard “Daytona” cast iron pinion retainers, Strange Oval produces 2 variations of billet steel pinion retainers. While lighter in weight, our pinion retainers maintain a lower axial and radial deflection rate improvement of 20% over the cast iron counterpart. By reducing pinion deflection, the Strange Oval pinion retainers improve gear life

      • Heat treated, fully machined, billet chromoly steel construction


      • Improved rigidity and lighter weight than the popular daytona pinion retainer


      • Nascar approved


    • Iron shed (isp105) support available for enhanced gear mesh oiling
    • Pinion Retainer # DPC100 (w/o external lubrication line attachment feature)