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9″ Rear End Case

Part Number: N1908

Original, M-4141-H, 3.250” Cast Iron Case


Available directly from Strange Oval.

Strange has been the only manufacturer approved and sold by Ford Racing to make their cast-iron 9” rear cases (for 3.25” carrier bearings) since its inception. Strange is the sole supplier to Ford Racing for their cast rear case (exclusive to Ford Racing) sold into the Sprint Cup Series. Strange Oval now offers the same N Case (cast iron version only) as sold through Ford Racing.

Approved by NASCAR, the traditional nodular iron case offers a more economical alternative to the steel case (M-4141-HS – exclusively available thru Ford Racing).

N1908 (Strange Oval Part Number) – 3.250” (M4141H) 9” cast iron case with original chrome-moly caps and cast adjuster nuts. *$390.00 each.

N1957M – Optional billet steel adjuster nut (fits N1908/M4141H case). *$20.70 pair


*Min Quantity of 50 Pieces. Made to Order. Call for Pricing.

NASCAR Rear End Case (i.e. Nationwide Series)
Part Number Description
N1908 M4141H Ford Nodular 9″ Iron Rear Case – 3.25″ Carrier Bearing Bore
Case is supplied w/2 cast iron adjuster nuts (Weight = .838 Lbs. / Pair)
HARDWARE for NASCAR Rear End Case M4141H & N1908 (Sold Seperately)
Part Number Description
N1957M Billet Steel Adjuster Nuts (2 per case) – Fits M4141H & N1908 3.250″ Case
For increased durability & strength (Weight = 1.038 Lbs. / Pair)