Torsion Bars

Gun-Drilled Torsion Bars for Sprint Cars


Strange Oval torsion bars have been winning races since 2008. We’re one of racings best kept secrets.

  • Repeatable ride height without adjustment
  • Holds rate for extended period of time – we’ve run them for 30+ races
  • Unparalleled consistency, even after wrecks
  • Seamless and smooth spline fit – leave your mallet at home
  • Our manufacturing method differs from anything on the market
  • Critical hardness and yield numbers are better than anything on the market
  • Aircraft quality chrome vanadium steel offers superior yield strength, fatigue properties, and impact toughness
  • Vertical rack heat treating controls distortion
  • CNC hobbed serration splines for precise and consistent fit
  • Generous transition fillet radii essential to reduction of stress risers
  • Lightweight gun-drilled design
  • Additional attention directed to non-aggressive machining to impart a minimum amount of residual tensile stress
  • Shot peening provides increased torsional and bending fatigue life with the application of residual compressive stress
  • Laser etched part number on torsion bar O.D. gives the relationship to a common solid bar’s equivalent rate
  • Common solid bar number of equivalent rate also engraved onto the end of strange torsion bar for easy identification



Strange Oval Sprint Car Torsion Bars:

Case: Rc58 which results in 270 ksi yield point

Core: Rc52 results in 240ksi yield.

The Competition (assuming their material is 4340):

Brand A – Rc49 210 ksi yield;

Brand B – Rc44 190 ksi yield


Sprint Car – Torsion Bars (All)
Part Number Length (Inch) Description Price
SEE09753000 30.00 1 1/8″ Spline Bar, 3/4″ Hole, .975 Bar Rate, 30.00″ Lgth. $150.00
SEE09873000 30.00 1 1/8″ Spline Bar, 3/4″ Hole, .987 Bar Rate, 30.00″ Lgth. $150.00
SEE10003000 30.00 1 1/8″ Spline Bar, 3/4″ Hole, 1.00 Bar Rate, 30.00″ Lgth. $150.00
SEE10153000 30.00 1 1/8″ Spline Bar, 3/4″ Hole, 1.015 Bar Rate, 30.00″ Lgth. $150.00
SEE10253000 30.00 1 1/8″ Spline Bar, 3/4″ Hole, 1.025 Bar Rate, 30.00″ Lgth. $150.00

Additional information

Weight 5.0 lbs