Torsion Bars

Gun-Drilled Torsion Bars


Strange Oval torsion bars have been winning races since 2008. We’re one of racings best kept secrets.

    • Available in solid bar equivalent rates of 900, 925, 950 & 975 in 29″ length
    • Aircraft chrome vanadium steel offers superior yield strength, fatigue properties, and impact toughness
    • Longest effective bar length in the industry, decreasing strain for improved longevity
    • Vertical rack heat-treating controls distortion
    • CNC hobbed serration splines insures precise and consistent fit
    • Generous transition fillet radii essential to reduction of stress risers
    • Lightweight gun-drilled design
    • Additional attention directed to non-aggressive machining to impart a minimum amount of residual tensile stress
    • Shot peening provides increased torsional and bending fatigue life with the application of residual compressive stress
    • Laser etched part number on torsion bar od gives the relationship to a common solid bar of the equivalent rate
    • Common solid bar number of equivalent rate also engraved onto the end of strange torsion bar for easy identification

Torsion Bars should be installed so that they always twist in the same direction. The bars retain a memory of the direction they are twisting, if they are twisted in the opposite direction the spring rate will be compromised and the bar could fracture. For this reason its always a good idea to mark the torsion bars to ensure they are used in the correct corner of the car.


Strange Oval is a torsion bar manufacturer who uses a unique and proprietary design & manufacturing features that are not available anywhere on the market. Please call us so we can discuss these performance and durability advantages.

Lengths Available: 29” Only at this point (Northeast Big Block, 358 & Sportsman Dirt Modified Applications)
Spline Length: 1 1/8”
Gun-Drilled Hole Dia.: 7/16”
Bar Rates Available: 900 , 925 , 950 , 975 (Lbs.)

Short Track – Torsion Bars (All)
Part Number Length (Inch) Description Price
Northeast Big Block, 358 & Sportsman Dirt Modified Torsion Bars –
SEE09212900 29.00 1 1/8″ Spline Bar, 7/16″ Hole, 900 Bar Rate, 29.00″ Lgth. $149.00
SEE09372900 29.00 1 1/8″ Spline Bar, 7/16″ Hole, 925 Bar Rate, 29.00″ Lgth. $149.00
SEE09612900 29.00 1 1/8″ Spline Bar, 7/16″ Hole, 950 Bar Rate, 29.00″ Lgth. $149.00
SEE09872900 29.00 1 1/8″ Spline Bar, 7/16″ Hole, 975 Bar Rate , 29.00″ Lgth. $149.00

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Weight 6.0 lbs