Super Late Model Crate/ Pro
Late Model
Typical HP 600+ 400+
Typical Rear-End QC QC
Typical Axle Lengths
LR=32” to 34”
RR=36.00 to 41.00
All Gun-Drilled
LR=32” to 34”
RR=34.00 to 416.00
All Gun-Drilled
Forward Bite
L=1.130” GD
R=1.165” GD
L=1.115” GD
R=1.145” GD
Most Throttle Turn
(bit loose on exit)
L=1.115” GD
R=1.180” GD
L=1.115” GD
R=1.165” GD
Some Forward Bite
& Throttle Turn
L=1.130” GD
R=1.180” GD
L=1.130” GD
R=1.165” GD

Best suited track type: Slick & Flat

Best suited track type: Flat tight turns (Paper-clip layout)

Best suited track type: Slick & banked or slightly banked


Late Model Asphalt Axles


Before finalizing your axle diameter choices, please consider the following:
1) Review the information under the “Choose Your Axle Diameter” tab above (or click here) to get an idea of what the different axle diameter combinations will offer in terms of performance, and what you can expect from them.
2) Consider that; the wider the thickness gap (or diameter difference) between the left & right rear axles, the more throttle turn you will have on corner exit.
3) Every Strange Oval axle is made to twist, you will gain some forward drive regardless of what axle diameter you may choose, all of which are thinner than your normal standard diameter axles….There is no wrong choice!

Asphalt Late Model – Axle Diameter Quick Reference Guide:

Super Late Model Axle Diameter Range:
LR: 1.100”, 1.115” , 1.130”
RR: 1.165”, 1.180”

Pro Late Model (+ Crate) Axle Diameter Range:
LR: 1.100” , 1.115”
RR: 1.145” , 1.165”

Please call us at (800) 653-1099 or (704) 966-4125 if you have any doubts as to the diameter to choose

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Weight 10.0 lbs